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Activity Report 2008
"7points make our life more brilliant"

On November 5, 2008, a public symposium organized by Leadership 111 (One-one-one) “7 Keys to Making our Lives More Wonderful” was held at the Recruit Academy Hall on the 41st floor of Gran Tokyo South Tower, which is located on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station. We welcomed a full house of participants including women of all generations and some men, and there were even people standing. In a venue filled with an air of excitement, the MC, Ayako Miyazaki, introduced the Chairperson of Leadership 111, Tsumie Yamaguchi. Ms. Yamaguchi gave the opening speech of the symposium, and the panel discussion began on a positive note.

"Let's Share our Thoughts : How to Lead Life in the 21st Century" at Fukushima Gender Equality Centre

On September 6, 2008, the above discussion event was held with 14 members of Leadership 111. The members who took the platform talked about their experiences, the problems they encountered, and how they resolved them and carried on with their lives. Many comments were received from participants such as: “If people can continue to be inspired no matter how old they are, then they can lead wonderful lives” and "Each person has a different philosophy of life, and there is no one answer. The discussion lifted my spirits."